Election Update

Rob Wrenn
Thursday November 08, 2018 - 09:55:00 PM

Alameda County ROV has now counted an additional 32,470 ballots countywide, bringing turnout up to 32.7%. Many more ballots remain to be counted. Based on the number of votes cast for Measure O, I would estimate that roughly another 4800 votes were counted in Berkeley and that around 31,000 votes total have been counted in Berkeley to date. It is likely that at least 45,000 votes were cast in Berkeley this year, so a sizable chunk remain to be counted. It is highly unlikely that the outcome of any local Berkeley race will change.  

There are no major changes in the results from this latest batch of votes. 

Buffy Wicks widened her lead a bit in Alameda County and is now at 57% 

District 4 council member Kate Harrison is still above 50% with 51.7% to 35.5% for Ben Gould; (latest batch was 47.0% for Kate; 39.9% for Ben Gould - may have come from precincts where Gould did relatively well) 

With more votes counted in District 1, it’s still 46% for Rashi Kesarwani and 34% for Igor Tregub. 

In District 7, Rigel Robinson is now at 56% and Ces Rosales remains at 35%. 

In District 8, Lori Droste’s lead widened. She now leads Mary Kay Lacey 58% to 30% with 9% for Alfred Twu. It was 56% with 31%. 

Measure O, the affordable housing bond measure, is still at 76% yes and Measure P, the transfer tax increase to fund homeless services is still at 71% yes. 

Soli Alpert continues to have a solid lead over Judy Hunt for fifth place in the race for the five seats on the Rent Board.