Updated: Contra Costa Vote Appears to Give Beckles Second November Slot in AD15 Race

Rob Wrenn
Wednesday June 13, 2018 - 11:48:00 PM

UPDATE, 3:26 pm, 6-14-18:

Latest figures confirm that Beckles will be the the November candidate.

t looks Jovanka Beckles has edged out Dan Kalb for second place in the Assembly District 15 race.

About 8500 more votes in the AD-15 race were counted in Contra Costa County and those put Jovanka Beckles back in the lead by 300 votes. A very small number of votes were counted in Alameda County from AD-15, probably not more than about 100; Kalb gained 5 votes reducing Beckles lead to 295. Very few votes remain in Alameda County: only 252 as of 10:35 p.m. last night so today’s update is probably it. See Unprocessed Ballots Status on the Secretary of State’s Web site: https://vote.sos.ca.gov/unprocessed-ballots-status. Provisional ballots appear to remain in Contra Costa County but those are not going to help Kalb.Unless the unprocessed ballot numbers on the Secretary of State Web site are wrong, Beckles has come in second behind Buffy Wicks, who spent far more money than Beckles, much of it from out of state. 

Buffy Wicks 

Alameda County: 24,655 32.5% 

Contra Costa County: 11,896 29.8% 

Total: 36,551 


Jovanka Beckles 

Alameda County: 11,123 14.6% 

Contra Costa County: 7,009 17.5% 

Total: 18,132 


Dan Kalb 

Alameda County: 14,770 19.4% 

Contra Costa County: 3,067 7.7% 

Total: 17,837 


Judy Appel 

Alameda County: 10,714 14.1% 

Contra Costa County: 2,673 6.7% 

Total: 13,387 


Turnout to date, Jun 13, 5:01 p.m. Alameda County: 39.7% 

Turnout to date, June 13, 3:30 p.m. Contra Costa County: 37.7% 

AC turnout so far reported exceeds that of the 2014, 2012 and 2010 primaries, though falls short of 2016 presidential primary between Clinton and Sanders (49.3% in AC) 

Contra Costa results: http://results.enr.clarityelections.com/CA/Contra_Costa/75371/Web02.195726/#/ 

Alameda County results: https://acgov.org/rovresults/235/1414.htm 

Secretary of State has not yet (as of 5:15 pm) updated to include latest update from CC, but look here for the latest: https://vote.sos.ca.gov/returns/state-assembly/district/15