Public Comment

The People in the Park

Cecile Leneman
Saturday May 12, 2018 - 10:48:00 AM

Please consider discussing the larger picture: why are People down and out and taking drugs as you say and drinking? Why are they unemployed? Why are they unwashed and smelly, as you describe them? Can you discuss America’s happiness coefficient? 

Can you please tell us why so many people are so miserable here, so much of the time? 

Can we discuss the question of demography? Can we talk about how previous generations made a living here when the dollar had some monetary value? 

And can we possibly talk about how people need to live as though their lives matter? 

And incidentally, I did mosey up to People’s Park for the 49th? anniversary party, and there was a nice, well-behaved, washed Sunday crowd doing their thing—and for once—having a good time.