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Berkeley Councilmember Arreguin Changes His 15th Assembly District Endorsement to Tony Thurmond

Vincent Casalaina, co-chair, Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club Committee to Elect Tony Thurmond 2014
Friday September 19, 2014 - 09:52:00 AM

Based on positions Elizabeth Echols has taken over the past several weeks, Jesse Arreguin has dropped his endorsement for her. Jesse has made the choice to fully support Tony Thurmond in his bid to become our next Assemblyperson in AD15. You'll find his name under elected endorsers on Tony's campaign website shortly. 

This is a big deal for many of us who support Jesse and wondered about his support of Elizabeth. He'd known for a number of years through her work within the Democratic party locally. When issues that were central to Jesse's efforts were directly opposed by Elizabeth, he decided he had to align himself with the more progressive of the two candidates. 

I hope you all will have good look at the positions Elizabeth is taking and see just how closely those positions align with your core values.