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War Can Never Bring Peace

Romila Khanna
Friday August 29, 2014 - 10:07:00 AM

The unrest we sense is the result of fear which is affecting every country. Whenever there is unrest and some other country is affected America feels that war and invasion will bring peace and security. It is true that we are very powerful due to our armament industry, but we feel insecure in spite of our armaments. We become impatient with internal domestic violence in another country. We want to help other nations by selling them more arms. Our way of helping others does us more harm than good. Our arms enable vast graveyards for the masses of other countries.  

Instead of supporting healthy internal communities in other nations we soak their environment in toxins. We spend our US citizen tax dollars to provide health services for those affected by the toxins. But we lose the good will of families we have torn apart by death and destruction. In my view, war can never bring peace. It always fuels the spiral of hatred. We should look for small ways of helping other countries find their own appropriate path.