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New: Pro Palestinians attempt to stop Israeli ship at Port of Oakland

Gail Taback
Saturday August 23, 2014 - 11:22:00 AM

Of all the human tragedies that could be avoided, the one in Gaza has a solution that would greatly benefit the people and stop the death and destruction that has been going on there. First, Hamas must stop sending missiles into Israel. Israel would stop retaliating and there would be no one dying and no buildings destroyed. Secondly, Hamas decides to recognize Israel and pledge no aggression toward it. Israel stops its bombs on Hamas, opens up the borders for trading, sends concrete and supplies for rebuilding Gaza. With peace between the two people, help from European nations and the U.S. would flow in. Gaza would not only rebuild but develop its economy. The Gazans live in peace and eventually prosperity. They continue to self govern and ultimately become a part of a Palestinian State along with the people of the West Bank. Instead, we have the Hamas ideology and actions that have ignited death and destruction. Gazans need to decide whether they love their children more than they hate Israel.