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New: Too Many Glossies!

By Vivian Warkentin
Tuesday May 27, 2014 - 01:35:00 PM

So far I have received five glossy campaign mailers from Elizabeth Echols, candidate for State Assembly, far more than any other candidate. I think it reasonable to assume that she is the Democratic machine candidate and expected heiress apparent to the Assembly. One of these mailers brags that she is endorsed by Loni Hancock and Nancy "not my jurisdiction" Skinner. Just last year Loni Hancock, State Senator, was working to weaken the public right to know via the "public records act", until she and fellow Democrats were busted by the press. She and other machine Democrats are trying to gut the California Environmental Quality Act because it gets in the way of "smart growth". Every time I call Nancy Skinner with a concern, she tells me it's not her jurisdiction. I asked her about a bill to label GMOs and she said the people had spoken by voting against proposition 37 even after Monsanto and the GMO industry plastered the media. Nancy talks a lot of cheap talk about the environment and is a top fundraiser for the Democratic Party. 

Maybe it's time for Democrats to take a break from craning their heads right and notice the corporate infiltration and rot in the Democratic Party. Yeah, Republican Tim Donnelly says "We're going to frack our way to prosperity", but mealy-mouthed Democrats do the same things and stand for nothing. That is why we have fracking, GMO's, perpetual war, developer takeover of our cities. 

Money is bigger than ever in politics. The least we can do is NOT vote for the candidate that spends the most. Maybe another Democrat? But Peace and Freedom are sounding awful good to me right now.