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Community College Students Don't Transfer to U.C. as Much

By Richard Thompson
Friday April 25, 2014 - 11:54:00 AM

"Now the camel's nose is truly under the side of the tent."

Fewer and fewer local community colleges students transfer to UCSD, while that public distinguished university no longer subscribes to any guaranteed transfer program. UCSD's acceptance rate for freshmen is now 33%. The ones accepted had high school grade point averages bloated by Advanced Placement classes (some public high schools may offer 25 such classes, while others offer few-to-none). The top 9%—it used to be 12.5%— of high school graduates are guaranteed admission to the University of California —but for the most part they're relegated to the "Lesser UCs." UCLA and UC Berkeley accept more and more out-of-state and foreign students. 

"It's the money, stupid." 

Very Unhappily Yours, Richard Thompson '80 UC Berkeley Alumnus; MA, '83 UCSD Alumnus