Public Comment

The Time is Now

By Romila Khanna
Friday April 25, 2014 - 11:49:00 AM

Is there a way to use each person’s ideas to solve the problems facing our nation? Can we establish a Think Bank to which all individuals can contribute? It seems our Republican representatives prefer one dollar one vote to one person one vote. They want high earners who contribute mightily to their election campaigns to have a mighty share in deciding the direction of the nation. 

Ordinary poor people are not chiselers. Most of them simply do not get the opportunity to acquire skills that can land them good jobs. Some of them have so little by way of food and shelter for their families they get dispirited. Out of frustration, they choose the self-destructive path of drugs and alcohol. They feel depressed and lose connection to their right mind. The loss of pride in themselves leads to gangs, guns and robberies. 

More urgently than supporting democracy abroad our government must pay attention to the needs of people at home. The time is now.