Public Comment

New: Caring for All

By Romila Khanna
Monday March 17, 2014 - 10:16:00 PM

We think about the issues which are pressing for our families now? Every day in our communities people are facing health crises and financial crises and they have nowhere to go for help. They can’t be satisfied with verbal messages that all is well. 

We are trying to protect far away countries from all kinds of trouble. It is indeed important to establish friendly relations with the world around us but it may be more important to provide a safety net for our financially and physically faltering citizens in the United States. 

There is one other safeguard for our citizens that I want to mention. Can we not make the streets in our poorer neighborhoods safe for those who must dwell there? Is there nothing we can do to reduce the daily shooting and killing in our streets?  

Advancement of science and technology has helped us to make material gains, but we have drifted from the human qualities of caring and helping. What shall it profit a country to make friends with the world but lose compassion for its own poorest and neediest?