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U.S. On the Wrong Side in South Africa For Too Long

By Chuck Mann
Friday December 13, 2013 - 03:42:00 PM

I remember when South Africa was called the only democracy in Africa. Unfortunately that was when the racist apartheid regime ruled South Africa. The white minority had all of the political power, and the black majority had what little rights the racist government would give them. The South African government was the opposite of a democracy. 

I think that it is a shame that the U.S. government supported the white minority regime until the very end. Conservatives, like Ronald Reagan, thought that Nelson Mandela was a terrorist. Liberals, and people like myself, considered Nelson Mandela to be a freedom fighter. 

Imagine if ''our'' government had always supported equality and democracy, and opposed racism. The U.S. government would have been on the right side of history. Even today the federal government appeases and collaborates with dictators, monarchs, and tyrants. What a shame.