Alex Nicoloff: 1923 - 2013

Friday September 06, 2013 - 11:18:00 AM
Alex Nicoloff: 1923 - 2013
Alex Nicoloff: 1923 - 2013

Alex passed away on August 14th at the age of 90 years. He was born in Toronto, Canada on July 29, 1923. He moved to Chicago to study at the Institute of Design, where he met and married his wife Martha in 1952. 

After moving to the Bay Area, with wife and two tiny daughters, Tamara and Natalya he became professor of art history at San Francisco State University. The family moved to Berkeley in 1961 when he was named Principal Artist at the anthropology museum of the University of California Berkeley.  

His own creative work continued throughout the years: welded steel sculpture; casting sculpture in bronze; the solar spectrum projected from prisms which he cut, ground and polished; using the spectral light from prisms to make videos; calligraphic designs based on the letter 0, and lastly a photographic essay showing the chaos of wires on local utility poles. 

Apart from his creative work, Alex was active in creating a linear park along Hearst street. He also named it "Ohlone park" for the native people that once lived in the area. 

All that knew Alex found him an extraordinary person, gifted in so many ways, he will be greatly missed.