Public Comment

Unsafe Intersections

By Bill Kristy
Tuesday January 15, 2013 - 10:05:00 AM

When Berkeley Bowl opened on Heinz, right turns from northbound 9th Street onto Heinz Avenue were not allowed. Now that they are, the "bulge" of the sidewalk on the southeast corner of 9th and Heinz is very unsafe; it's bulge into Heinz leaves that spot on Heinz only a vehicle-width, which one needs more than in a turn. If there have been no accidents by vehicles turning, when encountering oncoming opposite-direction traffic on Heinz, it's only due to luck. Please remove this unsafe "bulge". 

Speaking of unsafe: The barriers in so many intersections in residential Berkeley are unsafe, pushing motor vehicles into the sides of the intersections best left only to pedestrians and bikes in the crosswalks.